Friday, May 9, 2008

Defying Precedents

The other day I decided to take the bus home from work. Sometimes this fares well for me, as A) it's cheaper, B) it doesn't take any longer than the metro, and C) on a sunny day, it allows me to soak up an extra twenty minutes of DC loveliness.

It's also a fairly strong risk, as DC bus riders A) make that repulsive sniffly-snort noise like it's going out of style, B) often attempt conversation with me when I'm really just not having it, and C) get into screaming matches with the bus drivers. Who I'm generally fond of, as they tend to sass insolent riders right back, and then say things like "You have a nice day, sweetie" as I exit and thank them for the ride. I get the feeling they don't get thanked as often as they should.

So I'm on the #32, on Pennsylvania Avenue just past the Capitol Building, when a young black guy gets on the bus wearing an oversized black t-shirt featuring a photo of Ms. Rosa Parks superimposed onto the front of an old-fashioned bus.

I watched him pay his fare and turn towards the bus to choose a seat. He walked right past the side-facing seats in the very front; past the first few rows of front-facing seats where I happened to be sitting.

At this point, I was deeply curious. I turned my head to watch where he was going, and I'll be goddamned if the man didn't walk himself all the way to the rear of the bus and take a seat in the very last row.

Really, guy? The very back? What on earth would Rosa think?

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