Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Growing Weary

I can't sleep. Some A-holes are setting off firecrackers behind my apartment building.

You know, I started this blog back in February because I was bored and needed some kind of outlet. That's no longer true. And while I love a lot of my earlier posts, it is clear to me that the last few months' worth have been extremely forced. I wrote them not because I wanted to say something, or because I had a great story, but because I felt like I should post something.

I've grown weary of that feeling. In the spirit of change, I'm going to try something new; something with less commitment for this bored sometime-blogger. Tonight my boyfriend gave me a 2GB memory card for my camera, as I've been pitifully using the tiny 32MB one it came with.

So I'm going to use it. Because tomorrow, November 5th, is a new day.

Thank god.

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