Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finishing Quests

Haha! So, my Pimm's quest did not present the challenge I was expecting.

Apparently, the third store's a charm. I have located Pimm's #1 this side of the pond, and it resides (among other shops, presumably) at a wine and spirits shop called Best In Liquors right next to the Logan Circle Whole Foods (1450 P Street NW). The clerk was very sweet and didn't look at me like I was a total whack-job upon hearing my request, which is always a plus in my book, but rather pointed to the shelves behind me and then seemed pleased that I was pleased.

This was especially reassuring after a fairly rough morning. Engrossed in my magazine, I apparently sailed right past Farragut West on my way to work. I decided to look up from my reading material to check the train's progress, which usually puts me approximately at L'Enfant Plaza or Smithsonian -- and I was shocked to see the words "Foggy Bottom/GWU" on the station wall. Right as the doors were closing, of course.

Good morning, Virginia!

I then realized I forgot to put on deodorant before leaving the house, which was excellent. I stopped at CVS after finally arriving at Farragut West. Cheshire Kitty accurately assigned this the lolcat status of "major morning fail."

I thought things were looking up after heading to Whole Foods to buy shave gel, which I unexpectedly ran out of on Tuesday night (for those keeping score, this would be Fail #394), forcing the resourceful minx that I am to use hair conditioner in its place. I decided to pop into Best In Liquors, ignoring the overwhelming feeling of sketchiness that can only be attained by a classy lunchtime stop at the local liquor store.

And voila! Pimm's! Perhaps this day is turning around! I thought, foolishly. That's when I went to slyly adjust my strapless bra and discovered that I had twisted one of the cups several times before securing the hooks, leaving twisty evidence of my ineptness at life right down my top.

Sigh... FAIL.

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