Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have found myself, as of late, swimming through a multitude of unknowns.

White Rabbit recently took a new government job; one that provides a lifetime of constant world travel and new languages. It's an amazing and incredibly exciting opportunity. He's currently in training, and after that he will be sent overseas. He has asked me to come, and I've said yes.

But all possible excitement has been put on hold while we wait for this multitude of unknowns to be answered. Questions like Where?, When?, How long?, and even Who? hang in the air like a frustrating fog, blocking my view of mountains, deserts, coastlines, and urban cityscapes. I'm waiting for that fog to clear; waiting for it to roll back to reveal clear and sunny skies with highs in the low '70s. Northern California girls are used to this sort of thing.

Last night I successfully punched one of my foggy unknowns square in the face -- my apartment lease is almost up, and When? and Who? won't allow me to answer my landlord's equally important question of whether I'd like to sign for a new year. Luckily, I have the best landlords in the world, and although they do not allow month-to-month, they've allowed me a two-month lease extension, so I can give them a final answer after the fog clears. One unknown down, what feels like thousands to go.

Three more weeks.

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