Sunday, August 10, 2008

Marketing Muffins

Remember that Seinfeld where Elaine suggests selling only the tops of muffins? That's all anyone wants to eat, anyway. But what to do with the stumps? Eggo has come up with a solution, by selling small blueberry cakes in the shape of the tops of muffins. Genius!

Um, just one problem:

Who's in charge of this marketing campaign? I get that they've called a spade a spade, but may I suggest, perhaps, that they refrain from naming their baked goods after the unfortunate physique they likely create?


Lemmonex said...

I may have to eat these for my so good column. how have I missed this? I bet they taste pretty awesome.

Alice in Blunderland said...

I'm sure you're right, and hey -- they can't be worse than potted meat, AM I RIGHT?

But mostly, they confuse me. Are they attached? Do they go in the toaster? I NEED TO KNOW.

Pata Fria said...

They don't even have a good Top O the Muffins to You. Plus, how can you guarantee they baked the WHOLE's only good when you bake the whole thing and then cut off the stump!