Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Predicting Plagues

My department resides in the basement of our office building. We have been patronizingly asked by the higher-ups to stay positive by referring to our floor as the "Lower Level." I call it The Dungeon.

Today one of my colleagues lamented the fact that she's being eaten alive by a mosquito the size of her fist, which apparently is living in The Dun-- ahem, excuse me -- the Lower Level. About twenty minutes later, a staffer from a different department visited our floor to obtain some office supplies. On his way out the door, he squealed, declaring that he just saw a rat running around our department. Aforementioned colleague instantly grabbed her bag and fled upstairs to work in the lobby.

Awesome! Suddenly my basement office is home to the ten plagues.

Mosquitoes? Check. Locusts.
Lack of natural light? Check. That's darkness.
Rats, apparently? Check. Basically, pestilence.

I'm predicting fiery hail and death of the first-borns next.

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me said...

what about frogs? they're my favorite part